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CQSE is committed to communicating the importance of quantum science and technology
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Controlling atoms and molecules at the quantum level opens big new questions, and possibilities.

Eric Hudson’s lab at UCLA has produced a molecule which seemingly violates the classic rules. This comes from the ability to manipulate atoms at the quantum level.

This ability opens exciting new possibilities such as the production of even more accurate atomic clocks and quantum computers.

  • Events

    On November 18-19, 2019 CQSE held a workshop on Machine Learning, Quantum Acceleration and Robust Quantum Systems. With ML reaching its limits due to the limitations in computational power, the combination of ML with quantum algorithms is timely, and offers new possibilities for breaking existing barriers to computation. The workshop included experts from math, physics, engineering and chemistry, in order to foster interactions as well as encourage collaborations between academia and industry.

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  • Spotlight

    133Ba+, a manufacturered radioisotope, possesses several unique and desirable properties which are not found in any naturally occurring species, which make it a nearly ideal qubit. Specifically, the barium electronic structure provides transitions in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, enabling the use of the high-power lasers, low-loss fibers, high quantum efficiency detectors, and other optical equipment not available to many ion species currently in use.

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